The Myki Service Makes Travelling Easy for Seniors in Victoria

The Myki Service Makes Travelling Easy for Seniors in Victoria

Seniors who have it to their 60th birthday celebration can get a lot of perks when it comes to all the discounts that suddenly pop up all over the place. The Australian government provides seniors with several travel concessions when they purchase a Seniors Card via Myki.

These veterans can halve their cost of travelling by using Melbourne’s safe and secure public transport system. There are even routes that leave for the larger areas of Victoria.

Some of the travel discounts that seniors can look forward to are free travel on weekends and up to 50% discount on trains, trams and buses. During off-peak times, seniors can get coupons to claim their discounts.

People who subscribe to the Senior Myki Card will receive a welcome pack when they join the program. The Senior Card Stamps are provisioned during September and October every year. These stamps can be used to claim unlimited free travel days in District 12.

Events and festivals also have their perks for these individuals as they can claim a free ride during momentous occasions like the Victoria Oktoberfest.

Seniors can download the Myki app straight to their smartphone devices if they travel a lot. There are Myki Money services for occasional travellers and a Myki Pass for more frequent travellers.

If working the smartphone is a little difficult, there are Myki vending machines stationed all around Melbourne at select bus stops and other stops. Travellers can also top up their Myki cards at 7-Eleven stores around the city. Online top-up services are also available.

Users can find their nearest Myki point online. It is the responsibility of travellers to ensure that they have enough cash to pay for their entire journey. Pensioners can get around Melbourne in a day with little effort if they have a Myki pass, as this does not require them to top up their cards often.

Seniors always need to have their Senior and Myki Senior cards with them when they travel. Seniors can register their Myki cards online to check their rates card balances and to set up automatic top-ups.